Frequently Asked


Please find our list of FAQ about the wedding floral process with Poppy & Bloom Floristry.

How far in advance should I contact Poppy & Bloom about my wedding flowers?

At Poppy & Bloom, we strive to never turn brides away. In order to allow the same experience to all our brides, we typically recommend to schedule a consultation at least 3-5 months or more in advance, especially if your wedding date is on a holiday or in peak wedding season (May-September). If your wedding is less than 3 months away, we are more than happy to check our availability for your date.

What should I expect at the consultation?

When coming to the scheduled consultation, one of our designers will be prepared with notes in relation to all of the information you’ve previously provided to us. We will then chat with you and ask lots of questions about the vision for your wedding so that we can help you bring it to life. One thing that establishes our style as a florist is that we like to take the time to go over all individual flowers that will be involved in your wedding, showing you pictures to narrow in on what you like/dislike. By doing this, it helps avoid the possibility of having anything on the day of your wedding that is unexpected or wasn’t discussed with the designer who met with you. If there is time at the end of the proposal - depending on the size and intricacy of your order, our designer will type up your proposal for you to take home and review with your fiancee and family. Otherwise, you should expect an email within a week.

What should I bring with me to the consultation?

The more information we have, the easier it is to see the vision for your big day! Come with at least the basic information of wedding party quantities (bridesmaids, groomsmen, moms, grandmas, etc.) You're welcome to bring colors swatches, fabric samples from bridesmaids dresses -- Heck, we've even had brides bring their bridal gown into the shop! We're very visual people, too, so we love pictures! Feel free to bring photos of your dress and any other inspiration either printed or on your phone. We're also BIG fans of the world of Pinterest! It can be so helpful and we would love to see the wedding board of all your ideas. Do remember that some flowers on your Pinterest board may not be available getting something identical to the bouquet pinned might depend on your budget. It also helps to remember that no two bouquets are the same, we will do everything we can to create what you are looking for based on the photos and other materials you bring us. Your bouquet and other flowers will be custom designed for you.

Who should I bring with me to the consultation?

Poppy & Bloom always welcomes those such as moms, sisters, bridesmaids, and fiancées to attend your consultation. However, keep in mind that the more people you bring, the more opinions you will be given, and the more time it may take finalize your decision.

Does Poppy & Bloom have pricing available before I come in for the consultation?

Absolutely! We totally understand that a wedding needs to stay within a budget, so we are more than willing to give a general estimate without a consultation. You can also take a look at our pricing menu for some of the most popular packages we offer. Keep in mind that the general pricing does not pertain to specific flowers involved in your wedding. By scheduling a consultation, one of our designers can let you know the exact amount you'll be spending. That's why we love the consultation process!

How much do flowers cost? Will Poppy & Bloom accommodate and work within my budget?

Beautiful flower arrangements are possible at any budget. The cost of floral design depends on factors such as season, materials, time and labor, number of arrangements and complexity. During or before the consultation, be sure to tell us your ultimate budget and we will do our best to stay within that. When we meet, we can also offer suggestions to ensure that you do not exceed your budget.

Why do some flowers cost so much?

Flower prices are one of those things that fluctuate all the time, unfortunately. They can go up and down based on gas prices, natural disasters around the world, seasonal variation, increased demand, and even drought in areas where the flowers are grown.  

What if the flowers I want aren't in season?

We wish all flowers would stick around all year, because believe us -- we're disappointed too. Not to worry, our designers have great knowledge of flower types and when they're in season, so we can suggest similar flowers that won't have you compromising on your wedding vision. You can also consider having artificial silk flowers as a substitute for the out-of-season flower(s) you desired.

Will Poppy & Bloom have live flowers that I can look at during the consultation?

Since everything we do is custom, we don't usually have a steady inventory of flowers at all times. Sometimes, (mostly during wedding season) we have flowers on hand for a wedding that week that we are more than willing to show you during your appointment! We also have great relationship with our fabulous wholesalers that will allow us to bring a bride inside to look at all the beautiful flowers they have on hand. If you'd like to take advantage of this, please let us know upon scheduling your consultation so we can make arrangements.

What if I'm not sure what "style" I want for my flowers?

This is one of the most exciting things as a floral designer, when we help you create your vision! We like to call this the "discovery process". We've had brides come in with no floral knowledge and nothing more than their favorite color and walk out a solid vision and complete trust in us for a style that suits them and their wedding. We would love nothing more than introduce you to the floral world and show you beautiful ideas, themes and styles for wedding florals.

Do I have to put a deposit down during the consultation?

Nope! You're more than welcome to go home and talk it over with your fiancée and family. We will place a temporary hold on your wedding date for 10 days after you receive your proposal. The designer who met with you should be in contact to see if you'd like to go ahead and book. After the 10 day mark, your wedding date will be released and other brides will have the chance to reserve that date. No date is reserved until the retainer/deposit AND completed booking agreement are received.

Is the initial proposal final?

Absolutely not! We like to include price ranges in our proposals for most items, so there is always room to come down in price and change things up a bit to accommodate the budget as best as we can! You can also remove and add on things as much as you’d like before the wedding. Note: each change made to the proposal will be edited and sent to you in a revised version of the original proposal, prices will be adjusted accordingly. Please keep in mind that if major last minute changes cause our designers to redo work, there may be a need to add additional labor cost.

Does Poppy & Bloom have a payment plan?

We certainly do! Once we receive the booking retainer/deposit, we set up an account for you in our system which will allow you to call in and make payments at any time leading up to the wedding. (This is why we love when brides book way in advance, it definitely makes it easier on the wallet!) You will be emailed an electronic receipt containing all the information for that payment, as well as the amount remaining. We then require the final payment to be made 21 days (3 weeks) prior to the wedding date.