Wild & Whimsical Wedding Flowers at Moonbeam Lodge | Solitude Mountain Resort, Utah

This wild and whimsical mountain wedding at the pristine Moonbeam Lodge of Solitude Mountain Resort was an unforgettable Utah wedding! The bridal bouquet was adorned with ornate greenery and jasmine cascading down from the lush wedding bouquet of white and peach flowers, purple ranunculus and Queen Anne's Lace. It was made complete by a touch of pheasant feathers throughout.

The gorgeous Utah bride was crowned with an opulent yet simple hair piece of greens and blossoms; while the bridesmaid bouquets popped with purple Russian sage, white veronica and greens!

As a wedding florist in Utah, we’ve seen a lot of wedding, but this one will go down in history as one of our all time favs! There’s just something magical about creating floral pieces that harmonize with one of Utah's greatest natural beauties; our mountains!